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InnoDB Cluster简介

一、InnoDB Cluster简介

前几天 Mysql 团队愉快的发布了 InnoDB Cluster 的 GA(General Availability 正式发布) 版本

InnoDB Cluster 是 Mysql 的一套完整的高可用解决方案

MySQL InnoDB cluster is a collection of products that work together to provide a complete High Availability solution for MySQL.

InnoDB Cluster 由下面3个核心组件构成:

  • MySQL Shell 通过内置的 AdminAPI 来创建和管理整个 InnoDB Clusters

    Includes the AdminAPI, which enables you to script the creation and administration of an InnoDB cluster, using either JavaScript or Python.

  • MySQL Router 缓存 InnoDB cluster 的元数据,负责把 client 的 read/write 请求路由到当前的主数据库节点,还可以对 client 的请求进行负载均衡,并且在主数据库节点出现故障时,保证 client 的请求被路由到新的主服务器节点

    Caches the metadata of the InnoDB cluster and routes read/write client requests to the current primary. If the primary instance becomes unavailable, MySQL Router automatically routes client requests to a promoted secondary (the new primary).

  • Group Replication MySQL Server 5.7.17 or higher. 可以把数据同步到集群内的所有成员中,并支持 容错自动故障转移灵活扩展 等重要特性

    This provides the MySQL Group Replication mechanism to allow data to be replicated within the cluster, with built-in failover. Group Replication